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总部位于德克萨斯州休斯敦,康诺菲石油省在15个国家的运营和活动,20世纪60年,2020年9月30日的总资产,约9,800名员工。截至2020年9月30日,利比亚的产量平均为1,108米莫斯,据证明的储备为2019年12月31日的5.3 Bboe。有关更多信息,请转到

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此新闻稿包含联邦证券法规定的前瞻性陈述。前瞻性陈述与未来的事件和预期的业务,业务战略以及我们运营或运营结果的其他方面的结果。单词和短语如“预期”,“估计,”“相信”,“预算”,“继续,”“可以”,“”打算“,”“计划”,“潜在”,“预测”“”寻求,“”应该,“”愿意,“,”“期待”的“客观”,“投影”,“预测”,“进球,”指导“的”努力“,”努力“,”努力“,”努力“”努力“,”努力“”努力“”努力“”努力“”努力“,”努力“”努力“”努力“”努力“”努力“”努力“”努力“和其他类似的单词可用于识别前瞻性陈述。然而,没有这些话并不意味着陈述不是前瞻性的。在任何前瞻性陈述的地方,该公司对未来的结果表达了期望或信念,这种期望或信仰是诚实的,并认为在制定此类前瞻性陈述时合理。但是,这些陈述不保证未来的表现,并涉及某些风险,不确定性和其他超出我们控制的因素。因此,实际结果和结果可能与前瞻性陈述中表达或预测的实际不同。可能导致实际结果或事件与所提出的实际结果或事件不同的因素包括公共卫生危机的影响,例如流行病(包括冠状病毒(Covid-19))和流行病以及任何相关的公司或政府政策以及保护健康的行动个人或政府政策或行动的安全,以维持国家或全球经济和市场的运作; global and regional changes in the demand, supply, prices, differentials or other market conditions affecting oil and gas and the resulting company actions in response to such changes, including changes resulting from the imposition or lifting of crude oil production quotas or other actions that might be imposed by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and other producing countries; changes in commodity prices; changes in expected levels of oil and gas reserves or production; operating hazards, drilling risks, unsuccessful exploratory activities; unexpected cost increases or technical difficulties in constructing, maintaining, or modifying company facilities; legislative and regulatory initiatives addressing global climate change or other environmental concerns; investment in and development of competing or alternative energy sources; disruptions or interruptions impacting the transportation for our oil and gas production; international monetary conditions and exchange rate fluctuations; changes in international trade relationships, including the imposition of trade restrictions or tariffs on any materials or products (such as aluminum and steel) used in the operation of our business; our ability to collect payments when due under our settlement agreement with PDVSA; our ability to collect payments from the government of Venezuela as ordered by the ICSID; our ability to liquidate the common stock issued to us by Cenovus Energy Inc. at prices we deem acceptable, or at all; our ability to complete our announced dispositions or acquisitions on the timeline currently anticipated, if at all; the possibility that regulatory如果有的话,我们不及时地收到我们宣布的处置或收购的批准,或者此类批准可能要求修改我们宣布的处置,收购或剩余业务的条款;在我们宣布的处置或收购期间或遵循业务中断,包括管理时间和注意力的转移;从我们的宣布处置的净额按照我们目前预期的方式和时间(如果有的话),我们的宣布收益在现有或未来的环境法规下的补救行动潜在责任;待诉讼或未来诉讼造成的潜在责任;竞争与整合在石油和天然气工业中的影响;有限地获得资本或与国内或国际金融市场的不确定性有关的资本成本明显更高;国内和国际经济和政治条件一般;能够成功收到必要的批准并完善拟议的征收资源;能够通过我们的运营成功地整合Concho资源的运营,从交易中实现预期的福利; changes in fiscal regime or tax, environmental and other laws applicable to our business; and disruptions resulting from extraordinary weather events, civil unrest, war, terrorism or a cyber attack; and other economic, business, competitive and/or regulatory factors affecting our business generally as set forth in our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Unless legally required, ConocoPhillips expressly disclaims any obligation to update any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.